Well miffed off.  One pound gain.  Been on plan all week.  Had one day when i was 2 syns over, but the rest of the days i was under 10.  So its definitely not my syns.  My meals are good.  Will try and increase speed and look at my portion sizes.

As advised by my consultant to see if it makes a difference.  Now i’m 2 stone lighter i don’t need to eat what i used too.  The interesting thing is i thought this myself a couple of weeks ago, I really tried to be mindful of what i was eating.  The day i made beef stroganoff, i was slicing up the beef and realised the 2 steaks i had bought was going to be far too much.  I ended up only using 1 and a half (for 2 people) and saving the rest for lunch the next day.

Is i write this on Sunday, i had Saturday night of plan to celebrate Valentines day.  Got a Sunday lunch off plan today, so from Monday until Friday i will be completely on plan and trying to limit syns to a minimum.  Will try and have a maintain.  You never know, having a bit of a blow out might kick start my body into losing again! Or begin the slippery slope…..

I have a couple of weigh ins left before my birthday and then a couple more before i go away for a few days.  Really need to shift the chunk before i go.

Happy Slimming Everyone xXx