Arrrrrggghhh, Maintain. What the hell?! Did have one meal off plan, Sunday lunch at a local pub to celebrate my mums birthday.  Drank diet coke to be ‘good’.  Oh well, at least it wasn’t a gain.

How come some people can have a whole weekend with drink and takeaways and STILL have a loss.  I have one meal and the whole week is ruined?  I got straight back on plan afterwards.  Must have been a blooming good meal with lots of naughties, gravy, yorkshire pud, buttery mash etc.  Anyway, i must not dwell on the past…. line drawn….

As promised i did the different healthy b each day.  Which i really enjoyed.  Looking at the pic maybe i need to switch up the speed berries i use, the pics all look the same!

I had canned pears, oats, oatbran, grapenuts, ready brek, weetabix.  The challenge is now to have a breakfast without using a healthy b.


Plan for the week is to increase speed and meal prep as much as possible.  I have started using my slow cooker through the evening, making a stew or something from around 7pm – 4am.  Handily my boyfriend turns the slow cooker off when he finishes his late shift and comes to bed.  Its then cool enough for me to put in the fridge when i get up at 7am.  I do this usually on a Thursday so i have the food prepped for Friday (my most challenging day of the week)

Will be making an epic Sunday Dinner today, bring on the oxo roasties…..

Happy slimming everyone xXx