Hello there people.  Sorry about the lack of Slimming World posts over the last few months.  I have been continuing my journey all summer but just got sick of my negative mindset.  I am back with a positive frame of mind and have been for the last 5 or so weeks.  My weightloss to date is 1 stone 12lbs, i have around another stone to go before i reach my target.  Was very humbled to be nominated for woman of the year and miss slinky at my Slimming World group.  So all my hard work is definitely paying off!

I had a fab summer holiday where i felt amazing.  Its the thinnest i have been for 8 or so years and it was brilliant to feel good in a swimming costume and little skirts.  Don’t get me wrong, at a size 14 i would still love to lose more weight and get to a very comfortable size 12 but i felt so much better in my own skin.

Following my 2 week holiday in September i gained 6lb, really happy with that as i usually gain around 9lb.

Coincidentally upon my return it was 12 weeks until Christmas.  I watch Donna Dyble on You Tube and she has recently started eating plant based.  She has started a 12 week challenge to reach whatever your goal may be, hoping others will join in and inspire eachother.  You can be following any plan (slimming world, vegan, weightwatchers) and have any goal in mind, not necessarily weight related.  We are using the hashtag #dd12wc  I am hoping to lose a stone for Christmas or at least give it my best shot!

I am 5 weigh ins into this challenge and so far have:-

  • lost 3lb
  • lost 1lb
  • lost half a lb
  • Maintain
  • lost 1.5lb

I think 6lb in five weeks is damn good for me.

I am writing this today having had a bit of a ‘black hole’ yesterday, so hoping this will give me a bit of a renewed motivation.

I think because i have been so conscious of keeping to plan the last 5 weeks i needed a bit of a blow out to get me going again.  Maybe i was being a little too strict so felt like i was depriving myself?

I have been trying to each more veg, drink more water and eat small amounts of healthy fats.  Mainly avocado or nuts.  I am meal prepping more as the further i get through the week the more i run out of steam and just want to eat quick, fattening stuff that doesn’t contain my third speed foods.  This seems to be working well so far.

I hope more people join me on this journey, i post most of my meals on instagram @gempiccaddily i would love to see you on there sharing your meals too.

Happy Slimming xxx