Like a lot of people when we picked Rhodes for our holiday, it wasn’t long before i saw pictures of St Pauls Bay in Lindos.  The clear waters, the little chapel and the rocky bay looked gorgeous.  So of course we were going to visit.

Staying in Pefkos we travelled to Lindos by taxi (9 Euros).  We got dropped off in the main square (which is technically a circle…)  Lindos is an old fashioned little town with maze-like streets which are too small for cars.  The only transport in the centre of the town is either a donkey or the odd motorbike.

When you get out of the taxi give yourself a moment to adjust to the busy streets.  It gets very crammed with tourists and if you don’t know where you are going its a little overwhelming.  Luckily we had been to Lindos twice already during this holiday, so knew roughly where we needed to be.  We still dropped into a bar for a drink to acclimatize and get our bearings though (that was our excuse anyway…)

st pauls 12

We knew the direction of St Pauls Bay, but didn’t know quite how to get there through the town.  So we used the wonderful invention called a smart phone with google maps 😉

It wasn’t hard to find, basically from the donkey station at the main square (a roundabout with a tree in the centre) head into the maze of streets and then turn left.  This brings you out near a car park at the opposite end of the bay underneath the Acropolis.

st pauls 1st pauls 2st pauls 3st pauls 4

This first bay has a steep hill with a beach restaurant at the bottom.  The beach is tiny and not exactly sandy.  But its so pretty and is at the opening of the bay you can watch people jumping off the rocks into the sea and imagine that’s your yacht floating in the bay.

Back up the hill, take the road that leads to the chapel.  The road is quite narrow, but there isn’t much traffic.

st pauls 6st pauls 7st pauls 8

The chapel is lovely and very ‘greek’ but i was surprised how near to the beach it was.  When you see the classic postcard photos of the chapel, it looks like its further up on the hill overlooking the bay.  Those pictures must be taken from another angle or the photographers must be balancing on the cliff!

The sand / beach is a lot nicer at this end of the bay, but most of it is taken up by sunbeds.  This isn’t going to be a place to come for relaxing privacy.  Never the less the views are stunning and its a really special place.  From this angle you can really see the Acropolis and the cave / errosion underneath the base of the Acropolis.  It looks quite scary, like its going to collapse, i’m sure its fine, its been there a long time.

st pauls 10st pauls 11st pauls 13st pauls 14

There are some fab photo opportunities for the more creative photographers.

I hope you enjoy my photos as much as i enjoyed taking them.  Feel free to tag me in any pictures you have of St Pauls Bay. @gempiccaddilly on Instagram.

Happy travelling xx