Been slacking updating my weight loss journey blog, sorry about that!

Last time i updated i had gained a pound (stupid Thursday night drinking) I have had my ups and downs since, but am definitely on a downward trend.

Week 16 i lost 2.5lb, week 17 i gained 2lb (phantom gain!) and week 18 i lost 4lb.  This is the lowest weight i have been for a couple of years now??  Bringing my total weight loss to 1st 9.5 lbs.

I have been keeping up with the walking, this is now 2 months i have managed to increase my activity levels.  I’m sure my body is changing shape.  I am walking for 40 mins to an hour most evenings.  Now i am happy with the route and distance i am going to work on increasing the speed.  I have been reading online this is the best way to burn the calories.  I am going to time my walks and see if i can make my walking faster.

Aims for the week are drinking more water, i am finding it helps to drink through a straw?!  Keep up the walking and eating more speed foods.

We have booked a summer holiday so that should give me something to aim for!

Happy Slimming x x x