To celebrate my Dads birthday, we visited The Caramba Brazilian Steakhouse in Selby.  I had heard some good reviews about the place and I am glad to report I wasn’t disappointed.

We chose this venue as it was something a bit different, never had Brazilian food before. Whenever I walked past the smell was reminiscent of holidays and summer.  (smoke and grilling?!)

I emailed them to book a table and they replied within 2 hours.  Very impressive.

Sunday lunch time was quieter than i expected, maybe people tend to eat later than us? It certainly always seems fuller when i walk past most evenings during the week.

The gorgeous smell that greeted us was matched by the friendly staff.  The decor was strangely enough in a Brazilian style, wood, parrots and warm colours.  The staff showed us straight to our table, gave us a drinks menu and explained how the service worked. Basically there is a buffet style bar in the middle of the room where you help yourself to all the side dishes.  You are then served at your table with meat.


There is plenty to choose from, salads, coleslaws, potato salad, smoked salmon, aswell as shepherds pie, lasagna, stroganoff (presumably frugal use of the meat leftovers?) Also rice, cheesy potatoes, and spicy potatoes.  Beans and chickpeas.  To be honest all this would have made a lovely meal.  Once you have this go back to your table and turn your card to green ‘i’m hungry’ and staff come to your table to serve you with the cooked meat.  Once you are full turn it to red ‘i’m full’

We got some cheesy balls to start with and some fries, the fries were amazing!  They reminded me of McDonalds fries in style and flavour but obviously homemade and 100 times nicer.



We had Brazilian sausages (juicy and lovely), rump steak (so tender), cap steak (never heard of this before but was really flavorsome), pork belly in honey (heavenly!) chicken thighs (smokey and tender), gammon (salty, tender and crispy).  The menu also said lamb, but we were all full after all this, so can’t say if this is true or not.

Having said we were full, this didn’t stop us ordering the sharing plate of desserts.  The passion fruit mousse thing in the middle was a smooth and creamy slick of heaven.  The lime cheesecake tangy rich and satisfying.


The menu also had an impressive selection of cocktails.  Which looked amazing, but we didn’t indulge on this occasion (maybe in the future?!)  I can imagine sitting here during the summer months drinking a strawberry daiquiri, breathing in the bbq air……

Highly recommend this place, will definitely be back.  The meal was under £80.00 for 4 people including drinks and dessert, so the price was very reasonable (would be even more of a bargain if you had the appetite to do it justice)

Well done Caramba Steakhouse, see you again soon.