Note to self, remember to blog.

Think i was so happy with my loss of 1.5lb this week, its nearly next weigh in and i haven’t updated you.  Apologies if i get some of my meals / activities mixed up, im confused now as to what i did this week / last week.

Tried so hard again this week and got a good loss, making a loss 2 weeks in a row.

My food was on plan and i did lots of walking.  I went to the cinema and crunched my way though some carrots, radishes and sugar snap peas.  Was very aware that people might hear me crunching so tried to chew quickly through the loud parts of the film!

What i ate this week.


Gave the slow cooker a try, doing the meat and placing a foil parcel on top with the veggies.  The meat and potatoes were nice but discovered slow cooker carrots are not so nice.  Would do those fresh next time.


Rediscovered diet coke chicken, had forgotten how nice that is.  I served with beansprouts for my lunch to make it ‘speedier’


My walking was good too, an increase of 6139 steps on last week.

Hoping for a loss next week too, do have one night out, but will try to be good!

Happy Slimming everyone xxx