Super duper happy with this week!

Was feeling really down, but i think i have turned a corner.  As i said last week, i had 2 meals out planned, plus a night out.  This actually turned into 3 meals off plan and a night out.  And i only blooming went and lost a pound!  So happy with that.

I had a bbq with my parents on Saturday, i controlled what we ate as i bought the food.  We had low fat sausages and beef steak with salad and new potatoes.  Syns were ketchup and a cheeky hotdog bread bun.

Sunday was a roast, no idea how it was cooked, a couple of glasses of fizz and 2 puddings!  Then on Wednesday work lunch was a chicken bacon and lettuce tomato with chips.  These 2 days i was well over syns.  But i carried on, eating spot on at all other times.  I tried to eat lots of veggies with my meals and even added courgette into my oat cookie (healthy B oats)

The night out was good fun, we had a good few drinks, i did go onto diet coke towards the end of the night to try and reduce my syns consumed.   No takeaway on the way home! And did lots of dancing.

These are some of the things i ate during the week.

I also carried on walking, trying to reach my target of 6000 steps everyday.  Was quite happy with my result, although there is definitely room to improve.

Collage 2017-04-03 17_04_14

Feeling a lot more positive, and glad i stuck at it.  Hard work does pay off.

My eyes are firmly set on summer hols and how i want to feel come September.

Happy Slimming Everyone xxx