Not going to lie, completed gutted and pissed off.  I gained half a pound.  Not the end of the world but i tried so hard this week.

It was my boyfriends birthday on Saturday (last weigh day) and we had a chinese.  I made my own chips and ordered king prawns in black bean sauce and boiled rice.  I had a glass of beer.  Not the best meal in the world but i felt i made better choices and was mindful about what i was doing.  My favourite thing to get from the chinese takeaway is fried rice and sweet and sour pork.  So i steered clear of that!

As expected i did gain weight the day after but i got straight back on plan and once Tuesday came i was back to my previous weight, and when i weighed myself on Friday i was showing a 1.5lb loss.   I was feeling confident i would have a loss.  But when i got up on Saturday morning i had gained.  And at class i had too, putting on half a pound.

I was feeling so good throughout the week i had been walking during my lunch hours to try and get my steps increased and even went walking around the block at 8pm one evening to try and reach my target of 6000 steps per day.  I didn’t reach  my target every day but i certainly increased my steps a lot.  And tried not to sit on the sofa and do nothing like i normally do.

I said no thank you to bacon sandwiches, pork pies and cake at work.

Very disappointed.

These are some of the meals i have eaten this week.

Collage 2017-03-19 18_35_21Collage 2017-03-20 18_34_27Collage 2017-03-21 18_27_44Collage 2017-03-22 19_34_08

I honestly don’t know what to do, its mothers day this weekend so that means at least 2 meals that i will be eating that are not on plan.  Then i am going out on Friday to an 80’s night (i love any excuse to dress up and not be ‘me’) am thinking i may be best to get weighed in on Thursday this week.  But it is an evening class and i think i will weigh more as my normal class is a morning one where i don’t eat before hand.

I’m really not happy at the moment, i feel like i get no support, when i go to my mother in laws she pressures me to drink, knowing full well as soon as i sniff alcohol all my will power disappears and won’t be able to resist the (usually 2) desserts, chocolates, cheese and crackers.  I must not blame others, i shove the food in my mouth, but a bit of help would be nice…. I know i am full of excuses, but how am i supposed to live my life AND follow the plan??  I have previously lost 4.5 stone on this plan, so i know it works, but i literally didn’t go out for 18 months to accomplish that.

I’m starting to feel embarrassed at how badly i am doing….

Happy Slimming Everyone xxx