I missed weigh in 10 due to being on holiday.  Hopefully you have seen my blog of the trip, there is more to come.  I took some lovely photos of Bruges, so please take a look.

Since weigh in #9 i was away Wed – Sun of that week, as soon as i got back on the Sunday i weighed myself and saw a wapping 7lb gain!  Not a bad achievement for a few days away! AARGH.  Quickly got straight back on plan and managed to only get a +2lb gain this Saturday at weigh in.  Very happy with that, if you see my Bruges blog you will see i did eat and drink rather a lot of naughty things.

I did learn a few things that will help me with my journey, so the experience was well worth it.

Belgian beer is very strong, especially when i don’t normally drink everyday (i don’t drink in the house, usually only when we go ‘out’ The syns go by the alcohol strength, to be honest i didn’t dare look up the syn value, it would have been too scary. Belgian beer ranges from 6% – 11% Alcohol definitely piles weight on me very quickly.

I really enjoyed thewalking, since i got my new phone in January, i discovered an app which tracks my steps.  This was the week before my holiday, as you can see i don’t walk very far at all, just to work and back and shopping on a Saturday.

Collage 2017-03-06 17_43_37

My phone was constantly buzzing saying i had smashed all my previous records.  It must have wondered what on earth was going on.  I got these notifications.

My next weekly stats were a lot better

Collage 2017-03-13 18_46_36

My aim is to try and keep up the walking and try and do at least 6000 steps a day.  This is easy to do with my walk to work each day, a quick walk during my lunch hour and taking a short walk during the evening.  Obviously my phone only counts the steps when i have it in my handbag, so it doesn’t count ones i do during work around the office etc.  I’m wondering if i should get a fitbit?  Me and my boyfriend keep having a contest to see who can reach their target steps each day.

Other news from the past 2 weeks is i got a new fridge freezer, i shop on a Saturday and by Thurs / Friday i found it harder and harder to get speeds into my meals.  Now i have a bigger capacity for veggies and fruit (plus my walking in an evening, i can pop to the shop to buy anything i need) we will see if i was blaming running out of veggies correctly as the reason.  Or if it is just me loosing motivation during the week.

Some batch cooking will be done, to stock up my freezer with some Slimming World meals.

Happy slimming everyone. xx