So we set off to discover Bruges, having read reviews about our Hotel someone had said the huge spire of The Church of Our Lady was a handy marker for the location of the Hotel if we ever got lost.  I therefore knew which way to head to get to the centre of the town.

The first familiar site we came across was St Johns Hospital and a beautiful cobbled bridge.  Being a Thursday, the town was quiet so we managed to get a lovely picture.  Come Saturday, you couldn’t move on this bridge for tourists!  You can catch a boat trip from this bridge also (aswell as lots of other spots)

20170309_113221copy smaller

Following the road, we then found The Church of Our Lady.  This pic shows just how blooming tall it is!  There will be more pics later of it from afar, to show its wonderful spire.

20170309_144337 smaller copy

Watch out for traffic, cyclists and horse and carts when wandering around.  The buildings are so tall and lovely its easy to have your eyes on the skyline and not where you are going…

Onwards we came across the main square (Markt) and famous Belfort.  Follow your ears to find this area.  Don’t forget your first pit stop for Frites.  There are two vans under the Belfort.  And remember to get mayo with your Frites (or should that be Frites with your mayo?!)


With our back to the Belfort we turned right and headed down the street with all the chocolate shops.  This took us to another big square containing the town hall and Basilcia of the Holy Blood church.  A good place for waffles and ice cream if you have the appetite for it.


We got a nice view of the Belfort from here too.  See the little icecream van, he is worth keeping an eye on, he always seemed to be shouting abuse at someone.  Not that i could understand his Belgian words, but his tone didn’t seem happy…  We stepped through the archway of the white and gold building.  This brought us to a cute bridge, the market, the place we would later catch our boat trip from.  AND possibly the most photographed selfie spot in Bruges.  Look up Bruges on the internet and this is what pic you will get most of the time.


Even on a quiet Thursday we still had to wait to get our chance to do the pic without everyone else in the background.  Don’t really want to put lots of pics of myself on this blog, but we got a lovely pic of myself and my boyfriend.

We had another pit stop for my first taste of proper Belgian beer.  You will notice there are lots of these still to come…. only had a small beer each time though 😉 I will do a separate post on the food and drink of Belgium.

20170310_110307 smaller copy

We headed  back to the main square to explore one of the other side streets.  Off this main square there must be at least 10 connecting roads so we had a good choice.  We chose one to the right hand side of this picture.  There were some nice shops and i bought some Christmas decorations.  Very random, but there are some beautiful Christmas shops in Bruges.  So tempted to return at a more festive time to see the Christmas Markets.

Another pit stop for beer, and we headed back in the direction of our Hotel.  Using the big Church spire for guidance.  Was very excited to stumble upon the next area, i thought i would have to search my guidebook or Google to find this landmark.  But we came across it quite by accident (during a search for waffles!)


our lady


I think this was my favourite part of Bruges, it was so pretty and the sun had come out.

Oh look, beer pit stop and a sit down before heading out for the evening.

To be continued….