This week has flown by, and drum roll………. it was my birthday on Friday (my weigh day is Saturday) and i LOST 1.5lb.

Ridiculously happy about this, I went out on Tuesday for a meal so was careful not to drink with my meal or go over my syns the rest of the day.  I have terrible will power as soon as i have a sniff of an alcoholic drink so stuck to diet coke and a coffee.

I did go into a bit of a panic when i realized i would be having a Birthday meal the night before weigh in.  Would usually go out or get a takeaway.  But learned the hard way i have a huge gain if i do that. My body puts on 3lb overnight which then usually disappears the day after but i couldn’t do that to myself this time, i need a loss in my book.  Decided a steak dinner would be the best option, steak, salad and new potatoes.  I did go way over my syns that day, but it was all light food! cake, sushi, avocado.  My plan paid off with a 1.5lb loss.

This is some of what i ate this week.  Scotch eggs and chicken liver pate were my faves.


I have booked a holiday from Slimming World for next week as i will be away.  Going to Bruges, am hoping if i am on plan right up until i go and get straight back on it i will only have a minimal gain.  Will be doing a lot of walking about sightseeing etc.  Pics will be on my blog on my return.

One other thing i am in love with is a product call Wingz.  Its a detachable sleeve that covers up your bingo wings that you wear underneath sleeveless tops and dresses.  I think this is a completely genius idea.  See pic of me below at a party last night.  I saw these on a blog from Just Average Jen and thought i would try them.  I did think they were quite pricey, i think mine was £18.99 plus postage, so hopefully they will last a long time and wash well.  But body confidence is worth £20 i reckon.  May have to invest in some other styles.


P.S not sponsored!

Happy Slimming Everyone xx