Was very excited to be asked to the pre-opening of the newly named The George Inn in Selby.  The Londesborough closed a month or so go ago and is re-opening on Friday.

We chose our meals from tickets in an ice bucket, presumably they had limited stock until they open properly.  I chose Quesadillas which i was very happy with i love Mexican food, and my friend gammon & chips.

Being a Slimming World member it would be good to have the choice of salad with the meal instead of chips and when i go again i will definitely be asking about this.  I had already decided to have whatever they served as its my birthday this week so i am allowed…

The newly decorated rooms look great, its in the style that all pubs are these days.  Kind of shabby chic, mis matched, eclectic. I half wished they had done something different as its practically a clone of Wetherspoons and Wishing Well in Selby.  But its brightened the place up and there are no more sticky floors.

I took a few photos, didn’t get the main room as i didn’t want to take pictures whilst people were eating.


Was a bit sad to see our usual booths by the window have been replaced with tables, but there are some new booths near the bar area.  The toilets were by far the best improvement, i would be very happy with those in my house.  They were pretty grim before.  They still don’t rival Wetherspoons in Selby but they are pretty hard to beat (you know you love them everyone!)

The food was your standard pub grub, which is by no means a criticism, not vastly different to the previous menu. I liked the look of battered halloumi, will try that next time.  The presentation of the meals had been nicely thought about.  The grilled tomatoes were actually cooked, one of my pet peeves is when the tomato is raw and just put on the grill to get the grill marks but not cooked through.  So 10 out of 10 for the grilled tomatoes!


It wasn’t exactly home cooked food prepared from scratch but it was cooked well, so no complaints from me.

One of my questions was if the Prosecco is still going to be £9.95 a bottle, (menu said £13.95 a bottle) apparently this is still under negotiation, but they will be having Fizz Fridays so to keep my eye out for offers. Noticed a few new beers one was a Belgian one called Blue Moon, i will be sampling that in preparation to me visit to Bruges next month.

Well done The George Inn this will be a regular haunt of mine again.