Another week, another gain, but that’s ok, Birthday season has been enjoyed and will be over soon.  Once March is over i can get down to some good weight losses.

I gained 1.5lb this week, typically i had been showing a maintain all week and then the morning of weigh in 2lb appeared on my scales from no-where.  I had a bag of salt popcorn on Friday night so my theory is that it was water retention.  ( i have a whole book of theories and excuses…)

My meals this week….


This week i have been really enjoying the videos of:-

Von Choc


They have both done some interesting videos on how Slimming World could be improved.  They did this in a real positive way and were not criticizing Slimming World as are both fans of the plan.  They were just pointing out ways in which Slimming World is maybe behind the times a little or highlighting some ways in which the current plan is stuck in a rut.

I did Weight Watchers a couple of years ago, when i had got tired of the Slimming World plan.  I soon learn’t the error of my way.  This gave me and insight into other ways companies deal with weight loss, and whilst Slimming World is by far my favourite plan i think Weight Watchers did have some good points.

  1.  There App is better and has barcode scanning.  I understand Slimming World wouldnt want to bring this out until the database is up to date and all syns are on the App.  (WW was forever saying oops i don’t know the answer to that one.) But i think its definitely needed soon.
  2. They made more of the portion control aspect of losing weight.
  3. They include healthy fats in the plan by telling you to have a spoonful of oil every day.

Give their videos a watch and see if you agree / disagree, conversations about these things can help SW to get even better.

Happy Slimming everyone xx