Half a pound on this week.  What was i saying about losing and regaining the same weight over and over again since Nov?

Looking back at my food diary over the week, i could have upped the speed a little but i am happy that apart from Saturday night i was completely on plan.

February , March and April are difficult months for me because its when all our families birthdays and celebrations happen.  It starts with Valentines Day (the cause of this weeks gain)and carries on week after week celebrating something.  Last night we were at a 40th birthday party, Hello another gain this week!

Looking on the positive side celebrating everyones birthday in these months pretty much leaves the rest of the year clear from meals out, cake, wine etc so i should get back on track after this time.  Then i have 4-5 months before its holiday time and i am panicking about looking ok in my swimsuit.

At the party last night i had 3 glasses of wine which i mixed with lemonade to make it go further and reduce the syns slightly.  I know lemonade has syns but its no where near the syns for wine, and stops the hangover the next day!  Maybe i am un-trusting but i don’t like drinking coca-cola from pubs because you never can be absolutely sure that they are giving you diet coke and not full sugar.  At least if i ask for lemonade and it is the full sugar kind its not as bad syn wise.  Next time i go out i will try ordering a wine and a soda water and see how that is.

I go to Bruges in a couple of weeks so watch out for some blog posts about that.  It definitely wont be an on plan trip with all the beer, chocolate and waffles to sample. So excited!

My aim from now until the end of March is to stay the same weight and not gain huge amounts.  If i have any losses then brilliant, but maintaining is what i need, ready for countdown to summer to begin in April!

Happy slimming xx