Wasn’t going to post this as I didn’t want my blog to be negative, but this is real life and this is what I really feel…..

Very disappointed with a 1.5 gain this week. I had been doing so well Sat – Wed with somedays only having under 5 syns and then Thurs, Fri got the munchies and couldn’t stop eating. I know we are supposed to snack on speed food between meals but I don’t think this was a physical hunger just a craving that I am unable to control.
I tried to make better choices ie Quark with choc shot in rather than real chocolate and cottage cheese rather than real cheese but this still lead to a gain.
I don’t know how my head changes so much? On the 1st Feb I posted on Instagram my Feb goals (to have a loss every week!) how can I have ruined this just 4 days later? I weighed myself on Wed and was showing a 2lb loss but come Saturday where did the 3.5lb come from? I wasn’t that off plan? If I am totally honest I was over my syns on Thurs and Fri but only over by about 5 or so. Cumulative over the week I was still well within my syns. How can that lead to such a gain?
I have friends that I have made at my SW group but the resounding thoughts in my head at this moment is why is weightloss so bloody lonely. There is only me that feeds myself, shoves the food in my mouth and cooks for myself so there is only one person to blame.
I’m tired of trying to keep positive and but a brave face on it. I just want to feel better about myself and loose weight consistently. If I hear about anyone else going out at the weekend or having takeaways and cake then still losing I will scream!
How do I get out of the cycle of losing a pound and then gaining a pound?
I booked a trip away for March and was so looking forward to going 2 stone lighter. Really hope I haven’t ruined my aim.