Wasn’t holding up much hope of a loss this week.  I had a tummy bug which gave me terrible stomach cramps Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  So when i did eat, it was easy things which my boyfriend could warm up.  Tins of soup, jacket potatoes etc.  Don’t think i had any speed foods at all for 3 days!

Despite that i was really on plan for the rest of the days and this resulted in a 1lb loss.

This is now the lightest i have been for a couple of years. (i think)

Total weight loss for January 2017 is 3lb! Not fantastic but its definitely the right direction.  Two weeks out of the month i didn’t lose so hopefully i can smash this in the month of February.

Goals for February, to get in the next stone bracket.  I need 3lb to do this.

Meals for this week were not very exciting but obviously did the trick.


I did a sewing class on Thursday night, if i try a new hobby, it might distract me from snacking.

Happy slimming xxx