In the words of Dori…..Just keep slimming, just keep slimming…


Really chuffed with a 2lb loss this week. (was showing a 3lb loss on my scales, but i’m not going to complain)

Just goes to show that if you are disappointed one week, keep your chin up and carry on.  I am never going to be one of those people that lose 4lb plus every week.  So a 2lb loss is great for me.

I stuck to plan all week and had an average of 8 syns a day.  This is just about right, i think if i had any less i would feel deprived, but any more would just be through greed and not need.

Treated myself to a BLT for breakfast.

Meals i have enjoyed this week are:

Time to hit the shops now to keep on track for the week ahead.  Challenges this week are my mums birthday tomorrow.  We will probably get a Chinese takeaway.  But that’s only one off plan meal for the whole week.  So no big deal.

Happy Slimming xx