To give my weightloss journey a head start this week, i decided to prep some meals to keep in the freezer.  I should have no excuse if i have healthy yummy food already waiting for me to heat up.

I used 500g of 3% fat turkey mince and a tin of Tesco taco mixed beans in a spicy tomato sauce as a base.  Then chopped up a load of speedy veg to bulk it out, in my fridge i had 2 sorry looking tomatoes, a carrot, red pepper and half a courgette.  I also added a handful of red lentils for a thick consistency and some jalapenos for a kick of heat.

I browned the turkey, chopped the veg and chucked it all in a pan and left to cook for about 40 minutes.

I left it to cool and then froze in bags.  If you lie the bags flat once filled, push all the air out and freeze flat, its so much quicker when you come to defrost.  If you freeze in a solid ‘brick’ shape, it takes forever to thaw.


When it was time to serve up, i reheated, added a few sweetcorn (because they needed using up) and served with singing swede and lettuce ‘taco cups’

Have a great week everyone x x