Was hoping to be writing this with a big smile on my face as i thought i had really stuck to plan and would get a great weight loss this week.  Alas no, it was not mean’t to be this week.  I maintained this week, feeling very down and frustrated.  Especially because i was so up for it after class last Saturday, i planned, i really tried eating more speed foods.  I tried the whole cottage cheese and fruit for breakfast that is popular at my group at the moment.

All for a chuffing maintain.  Its my Slimming World buddies that have really kept me going.  I am not going to go an sabotage my next weeks results by feeling sorry for myself.  I am just going to carry on as normal and pray i get the result i deserve next week.  It is ‘that’ time of the month, so hopefully its just my body being awkward.

This is what i have eaten this week.  I had one day where i ate 13.5 syns and the rest of the days were 8 syns and under.

This is what i have eaten this week

After class i had a spot of breakfast and went to stock up on a few Slimming World essentials, before we do the main shop later.  Got a few nice bargains! and can’t wait to try the new Muller yogurts.  I didn’t think they were really suitable for breakfast, so will have one later.

Happy Slimming Everyone, lets hope this week is a good one xx