So after a less than saintly New Years i had my first weigh in of 2017 at Slimming World on Sat 7th Jan.  I gained 0.5 lb, bringing my total gain over the Christmas / New Year period to 1.5lb.  An amount I am very happy with.  I was expecting to gain at least 7lb throughout all the festivities, so a tiny 1.5lb is definitely a result I want to shout from the roof tops.

I think my gain was small and not huge because once I had the bad stuff i tried to make my next meal better to try and balance it out.  I didn’t succeed all the time but I still kept trying.  I did try to make my meals my normal Slimming World food.  It was just the ‘extras’ that caused my gains.  All the choc, biscuits, Champagne and cheese!

These are some examples of meals i ate from 2nd January onwards.

I try to post most of my meals on Instagram to keep me on track and because its easier than writing down in a food diary.  I don’t usually remember to take pictures of my breakfast, because i’m not a morning person!  I usually have oats in some form, poached egg on toast or my recent discovery cottage cheese and fruit (its nicer than it sounds and was recommended by my consultant, she must know what she is talking about right?)

To get this gain off for the week ahead, i am going to concentrate on eating lots of fruit and vegetables.

Have a good week everyone x