I think i have finally worked out the way to lose weight successfully.

Two things, Slimming World and STAYING to class (image therapy)

I had let myself relax over Christmas, i missed my weigh in on 24th Dec.  But i dragged myself back to class on 31st Dec and was amazed to find i had only gained 1lb.

I firmly believe that the support of all the new friends i have made at class has helped me hugely.  I had been struggling in the 2 week Christmas period and as much as i tried to stay on track, a packet of crisps and handful of Quality Street, biscuits and cheese kept creeping into my diet.  As hard as i tried i couldn’t get over the ‘sod it, its Christmas’ mindset

As soon as i went back to class, i regained my motivation and have been fine and on plan since (apart from New Years Eve night!)  The thing that got me back to class with my butt on a seat was wanting to see all my Slimming Buddies to see how they had all done.  I’m also not going to lie, i wanted to wear my festive Christmas dress one last time before packing it away until next year.

Attending class won’t make you perfect, but it helps so much.  If you are down it will lift you, if you need inspiration it will help you.  If you are stuck in a rut they will get you out.  Recipe ideas, news of up and coming products, HiFi bars, you get to know your buddies, who likes sprouts, who hates scan bran, and who can’t poop (TMI)

We may whisper at the back of the class like naughty children, or all go out for a Christmas drink and consume too much alcohol.  We may all feel stupid clapping when someone loses a pound.  And we may all get tearful when we receive a daft brightly coloured certificate.

But you know what?, we all come back and we will all get to target together as a team.