As it was new years eve 2016 and i received some bottles of fizz for Christmas.  I felt it was my duty to try some Champagne cocktails.

First i tried was plain old fizz


Then added some Chambord (Raspberry liqueur)


Champagne, Cointreau, orange juice

This was a variation on a gorgeous cocktail i had on holiday in Zakynthos.  Called a Kalamaki Beach.  The only ingredient missing was a bit of grenadine for a bit of colour.


Champagne, Cranberry juice and Cointreau


Finally a Champagne, Peach Snapps and lemonade cocktail.


Just a note, i did add some diet lemonade to some of the above aswell, this was to try and reduce some syns to try and keep my weightloss slightly on track. I feel asleep on the sofa at 11.30pm so not sure how successful that idea was!

Champagne is 5 syns for a standard glass and spirits are around 5 syns for a 35ml measure, so this soon adds up.  Nevermind all the nibbles that a reduction in willpower results in.  I must say i thoroughly enjoyed all of them though.

Cheers and happy new year x