After I had received my Christmas presents and got over the indigestion from all the lovely food consumed. It was time to do the annual Christmas present tidy up. On Christmas morning we opened our gifts one by one whilst sitting on the floor in pjs (everyone else does that right?) Each present is inspected, shown to my other half, possibly consumed or at least sampled (choc etc) and then put to one side before moving to the next. This results several days later getting sick of tripping over items, wanting to use something or just tiring of seeing them and generally being an untidy mess.
Now to be fair I think I do get quite a few presents from friends and family but compared to families with children who get pony dream castles or polly pocket sets or whatever the in thing is nowadays , the items I receive should be pretty simple to put away? … no


I collated a huge amount of cardboard and plastic packaging. Apart from the pain of undoing it all, the paper cuts, required use of sharp implements to get into the boxes. Surely it’s a waste of natural resources? 1. The actual materials plastic, cardboard etc 2. The effort of manufacturing and transporting to the end gift receivers.
It astounds me that someone somewhere is quietly calculating and designing how to fit a tiny bottle of Baileys into a box with a glass tumbler and 2 chocolate truffles. Each item is fit into a sculpted box with plastic inlays and each flap secured by a perfectly round piece of clear tape. Whilst this does speak to my inner love of straight lines and symmetry (plus a family member who is employed in the cardboard industry!) There is no need for so much. Enough to transport the items intact and look pretty, without going over board, should suffice.


I received a wok in a box then the wok was wrapped in plastic, as was the lid, handle x 2, chopsticks, and steam rack.

After I had unpacked all of my gifts, I then divided into different categories and put in the recycle box for collection. I suppose all this keeps many people employed during the manufacture, transport, disposal and recycling but it all seems a terrific waste of resources and time, all for no real joy, entertainment or use?

Don’t even get me started on shrink wrapped fruit…..