Following the slimming world plan i was trying to incorporate more vegetables into my diet.  I had seen the Hairy Bikers do a Lasagna with sheets of leek instead of pasta, so thought i would give it a whirl.  I am not against carbs, but do find they can be quite calorie dense, especially when eaten with meat.  I am trying to do meat or carbs to try and speed up my weight loss.

I started by preparing my sauce, i browned 500g lean (5% fat) beef mince, onions, carrots, herbs and added a carton of tomatoes and cooked until bubbling and reduced slightly.  Whilst it was bubbling away i cut up and washed a leek.  I made one cut from the outside to the middle of the leek to enable me to unpeel the layers to make ‘sheets’.  I cooked these in the microwave for about a minute to make them floppy and easier to handle.


One this first attempt i was worried about the Lasagna not holding together, so decided to do 1 layer of pasta but the rest leeks.  I layered the meat mixture, pasta, meat mixture, leeks until i had used up all of the ingredients.


For the white sauce i used fat free fromage frais, egg and a sprinkle of nutmeg, salt and pepper.  I mixed it really well and poured it over the top, then topped with some cheese,  just a little bit, i wanted it to go all nice a bubbly in the oven.


I then covered the Lasagna with foil and cooked at 180 degrees for about 30 minutes, i then tested it with a knife to make sure the pasta sheet was cooked and then took the foil off and cooked for a further 5 – 10 minutes until the top was golden.  I then removed it from the oven and left it to cook for a few minutes before serving (so it didn’t fall apart)

This made 4 portions and i think it improved overnight when i had it for lunch the next day.