My favourite breakfast to make at the weekends is Doughnuts.  About 8 years ago i received a Doughnut maker for Christmas, as per usual i used it a couple of times and it then collected dust in a cupboard.  I also started Slimming World in the following year so didn’t really have the opportunity to use it… or so i thought, until i had a brainwave.

I could use the standard Slimming World ‘magic pancake’ recipe but cook it in my Doughnut machine.  After a few weeks of testing, i think i have now perfected my recipe.  They are dough like, rather than like soggy porridge and taste yummy.  They must be served hot and fresh otherwise they are extremely cloggy and nasty.


  • 40g plain oats (your ‘B’ allowance
  • 1 tbsp quark or yogurt
  • pinch bicarbonate soda
  • 1 tsp sweetner (maybe less if you are using a sweetened yogurt)
  • Flavouring of choice, cinnamon, caramel, orange, coconut essence etc
  • Frylight, i used the coconut one to give it more of a sweet rather than savory flavour
  • 1 egg

I count this recipe as 3 syns to account for the bicarb, sweetner and tbsp of Choc Shot (see link  and pic below) To be honest this is maybe over estimating, but i would rather be safe.

Mix all the ingredients together, i used orange essence and a pinch of cinnamon as i want the orange spiced flavour. If its too difficult to mix you may need to add a tbsp of water to loosen the mixture.  It should be a thick batter.  Leave to sit for at least 30 – 60 minutes, or overnight if you wish.  This will make the batter thicken and give you that doughy texture.

Once the mixture has rested, heat the Doughnut maker and spray with Frylight. Spoon a tsp of the batter into the maker, i usually get about 7 – 8 Doughnuts from this amount of ingredients.

Leave to cook for around 4 minutes, i usually flip them half way or switch them around as the moulds at the front seem to cook quicker than those at the back.  I use this cooking time to prepare any accompaniments like choc dips, fruit etc.  I peels 2 clementines and measured out a tbsp of spiced orange Chot Shot

I served the Doughnuts whilst warm.  Is the orange spice Choc Shot that really makes this so delicious, but you could use maple syrup or nutella, if you were feeling extravagant!

I hope you make and enjoy this recipe….