I wanted to make a soup in the slow cooker that i could made a lot of to put into portions to keep in the freezer.  Following Slimming World i needed to make it from vegetables to keep it as low calorie as possible.  Leeks and onions were therefore my choice.

I cut the leeks and onions into small pieces and put in the slow cooker with some salt and pepper.  I chopped the veg small to try and reduce the time it took to cook.  Not sure if this worked, as it still took about 8 hours for the leeks and onions to cook to the sticky brown caramelised consistency  that i wanted!  Don’t try and rush this step as it really makes all the difference.  The leeks and onions should be translucent and almost dissolve into a brown goo.  I stirred every couple of hours so they didn’t burn.  The first few times the aroma was quite strong and oniony (bringing tears to my eyes)  But eventually this raw onion smell disappears and becomes richer and sweeter.  The volume of the veggies reduces by at least a half, so make sure you make lots.

Because i ran out of time to complete the recipe, i refrigerated the goo overnight.  When i was ready to complete it the next day, i added the leeks and onions to a saucepan with about double the volume of water, 1 vegetable stock cube and 1 beef Knorr stock pot.  I cooked this until bubbling and then turned the heat down and cooked for about 15 minutes.  Then served in bowls with a bit of grated cheese on the top.

If you are following the Slimming World plan this recipe is free and counts as speed.