I was tired of staying in every weekend, i seem stuck in a rut of working Mon – Fri, Slimming World Saturday morning, food shopping Saturday afternoon and slobbing around the house on Sundays.

I decided to get a start on my Christmas shopping and head to York.  I took a few pics along the way.


The view as i arrived in York, this is the garden outside the Merchants Adventurers Hall.  Gutted i missed a family of ducks swimming underneath the bridge.


I took some pictures of York Minster, the autumn sunshine and leaves made it look so pretty.  Top tip, if you take pictures of the Minster from this side and not the front, you don’t get the hundreds of japanese tourists in the way.  No offence to tourists, but less people makes for a better pic.

The Remembrance Parade had taken place earlier in the afternoon, so there were lots of Poppys at memorials around the City.


One last look at the Minster and it was down to the real business of the day.  Spending cash in the shops…..


Being in York has wet my appetite for Christmas, they were installing all the wooden cabins ready for St Nicholas Fair next weekend.   I feel an evening in York fueled by hot dogs and mulled wine coming on.