As the cold weather is now upon us, lots of warming food is in order.  This is my pulled beef, empty the cupboards stew.  So called because its cooked slow and slow, resulting in a pulled beefy style ‘mush’ rather than identifiable chunks of beef and veg.  I hate watery stews so this suits my taste.  If you would rather have a more classic stew just cook it for less time.

I do follow the Slimming World plan, so this may show in a couple of the items i use (or leave out)

I started with a huge cooking pot, if you don’t know what one of these looks like…


The ingredients i use depends on what needs using up in your cupboard, you just need some beef and vegetables anything else is up to you.  Add what you like and what needs using up in the bottom of your fridge / freezer.  I used some lean diced beef, a casserole pack of veg, mushrooms and my herb of choice was rosemary.  Festering at the bottom of my vegetable drawer were 2 leeks, so they went in too.  I found a jar of garlic, so a teaspoon of that went in too.

For flavourings i used 2 Knorr stock pots, mushroom and beef and salt and pepper.  Again i could have added mustard, horseradish if i had a half used jar lying around.  I also added a can of beans, this is to thicken the liquid that comes from all that mean and veg.  I could have added lentils, mushy peas or potatoes to the same effect.  Chuck it all in the pot, give it a stir.


I left this cooking on low in the oven for about 6 hours.  I could have done it in a slow cooker, but i never seem to get the same flavour?  Is that just me?

The finished result….


I let this cool and then packed away in containers to eat throughout the week.  I will serve with fresh vegetables and mash.

Enjoy x