We left the Ice Bar and continued our walk over a beautiful bridge by the National Opera and Ballet Theatre.  Glad to be in the autumn sunshine.


We stopped to take lots of pictures, i could have wandered around this area for the rest of the day but we needed to see as much as possible whilst we were here.  We came across a lovely market selling Amsterdam tourist type memorabilia.  I purchased the obligatory Amsterdam fridge magnet and an Amsterdam woolly hat which i intend to wear on bonfire night this year.  Available to buy was a huge array of Cannabis products, cookies, muffins, brownies, lollies, ice cream, seeds etc.  We didn’t indulge but there  is no shortage, should you wish too.  They also had an alarming variety of shell suits??  The kind that were popular in the late 80’s early 90’s.  If you were ever in need of such an outfit, this is definitely the place to come.

Talking about what to visit next once we had shopped for all our souvenirs, we decided on the famous Red Light District.  I had no idea what to expect and it was strangely normal, like everyone was used to seeing practically naked women in windows, selling their wares.  Visiting on a Saturday lunchtime, most of the windows were empty, but the ones that were occupied had really pretty girls.  I had expected they would be in business to fuel their drug habits etc.  So i was impressed with how un-seedy it was.


After our Red Light District walk we needed refreshment so headed down a side street (that was filled with every kind of sex shop imaginable, a quite i few i couldn’t have imagined!)  The boys in our party have perfected the art of finding the dingiest, scabby pubs on any trip.  Today was no exception, the drinks were over priced (13 Euro for 2 pints) and everyone who ventured near a toilet, returned looking slightly green and disgusted.  But the beer was good and we ventured on, our thirst quenched.

Moving on we snacked on various doughnuts, pizza slices, kebabs etc.  Amsterdam seemed to be split into areas which all had the same kind of outlets.  One street would be full of sex shops, the next full of coffee shops, the next fast food outlets, the next ticket / amusement sellers.  There was an impressive looking art venue which was holding a Banksy exhibition.  The more i see of Amsterdam the more i know 6 hours here is not even close to being enough, i definitely need to return.

We were nearing the end of our time in this wonderful city, so headed back up to the area where the coach would be picking us up.  One last stop to sample some fabulous cheese and pick up some for gifts.  We then decided to rest our aching feet in the pub nearest the coach stop.  Yes i picked my beer as it had the cutest glass, it was also so strong, i slept all the 90 min transfer back to port!