When i saw my favourite party band The Bogus Brothers were holding a gig on the P&O ferry crossing from Hull to Rotterdam, i knew i had to go.  We booked in May and 5 months later off we went.

Having never been on an overnight ferry since my teenage years i was curious to see how things had changed.  In the good old 90’s you sat in an armchair all night.  (50 kids being told to be quiet and go to sleep, yeah right)

Check in was very easy (slightly miffed there was a £14.00 parking fee) and we were off through customs.  They unpacked my case to make sure i wasn’t carrying any alcohol or sharp objects.  I was relieved to know i hadn’t packed any embarrassing underwear or teddy bears.

Our cabins were allocated and we headed to our deck.  Staff were on every stairway showing you which way to go.  The corridors were very maze-like.


The cabin was larger than i was expecting and the only thing it was lacking was a TV and kettle.  There could have been more plug sockets too, as we had to take it in turns to charge our mobiles.  We upgraded to the premier cabin, as we didn’t fancy bunk beds and i think this mean’t we got an outside cabin so had a window.

Once we spent 5 minutes unpacking, we went to find the bar and book into the restaurant for dinner.  The first bar we chose was one on the ‘sundeck’ as this had a smoking area and good outside view of the port.  The drinks were averagely priced and we were served by the most polite staff.

We then moved to the piano bar for another drink before dinner, this looked like it would be a nice relaxing bar in the evenings and a live pianist would be playing throughout the night.

We had dinner in the Brasserie which is a bit more intimate than the buffet style Kitchen restaurant.  Prices were what you would expect, £5.00 for starters, £16.00 – £18.00 for mains.  Again the staff were very polite, although we did feel a little rushed at times, they seemed to need the table for another party, we had booked the table so this seemed a little harsh.  Dare i suggest they give longer eating times?

After dinner we went to the showbar where there was a halloween party, Rocky Horror Show and our much anticipated Bogus Brothers show.  We weren’t able to get a seat but that was to be expected as we arrived after 9pm.  Now i have never seen the Rocky Horror Show but i know it has some dedicated fans that follow them about all over the world.  I can only assume they were otherwise engaged as the show was pretty terrible.  The actors mimed to the songs, which was a shame because they did sing a song at the end of the night and they could sing very well.  Not sure why they wouldn’t sing live for the rest of the show?

At 10.45 The Bogus Brothers came on, they gave a lively performance with lots of audience participation as always.  They give it their all and it was very entertaining.  They do covers of classic party songs, like Valarie, You spin me round, Madness, The Proclaimers etc.  The guys are always cracking jokes and having a laugh.  Don’t miss the lead singer doing a hand stand in a kilt!  Its his signature move.  Great for Christmas parties and celebrations, they work their socks off and i’m usually exhausted just following them on Facebook.


The end of the night was soon upon us and we headed to bed, it was going to be an early start in the morning.

To be continued…